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2014 Racing Season !!!!!!!!!!!

 Andrew will be driving for Wade Cagle Motor Sports. OCRS Sprint Car Series.

2014 Chili Bowl was an awesome experience with some excellent finished. 

Qualifying Night: Won our Heat and Qualifier A Feature 9th Place.

Saturday made the B Feature and MAV TV coverage. Finished 13th in the B Feature.

2013 Andrew raced in the Chili Bowl, Oil Capital Racing Sprint Car Series, Micro Sprints in all classes.

2012 Chili Bowl Midget Nationals: Jan 10th thru 14th

Thanks: Burk Oil Co, Heymann Iron and Metal, Misch 4x4, Jim Hana Racing Rummage, USA Power Coatings, D&E Supply, Finish Line Designs

Saturday Finals raced in the F Feature with a 3rd place finish. Moved up to the E and made up to 7th. 

Wednesday Night Qualifying: 6th Place Heat, 2nd Place C Feature, 9th Place B Feature 

This car and driver were really fast at this year's Chili Bowl Nationals! We are so thankful and blessed to get to do it good Lord willing we will try it again next year.


Saturday Finals:
F Main 2 : 1. #37X Cameron Hagin, Broken Arrow, OK; 2. #2B Tyler Reddick, Corning, CA; 3. #15D Andrew Deal, Caney, KS; 4. #28 Alex Schutte, Rohnert Park, CA; 5. #51X Matt Lundy, Phoenix, AZ; 6. #11XS Donovan Peterson, Brookings, SD; 7. #37T Chris Urish, Elkhart, IL; 8. #15B Danny Burke, Houston, TX; 9. #14R Troy DeCaire, Tampa, FL; 10. #58 Cole Peard, Quincy, CA; 11. #00 Pete Davis, Pleasanton, CA; 12. #11H Garrett Hood, Concordia, KS; 13. #18 Floyd Alvis, San Carlos, CA; 14. #49JR Bobby Michnowicz, Lomita, CA; 15. #7D Michelle Decker, Guthrie, OK; DNS -- #33X Jason Lair, Del City, OK
E Main 2: 1. #11W Chris Windom, Canton, IL; 2. #7DA Dalton Armstrong, New Castle, IN; 3. #73S Alex Sewell, Broken Arrow, OK; 4. #94X Kevin Olson, Machesney Park, IL: 5. #2B Tyler Reddick, Coming, CA; 6. #3F Tony Elliott, Warsaw, IN; 7. #15D Andrew Deal, Caney, KS; 8. #7 Shannon McQueen, Tehachapi, CA; 9. #51 Brent Camarillo, Camarillo, CA; 10. #88 Brendan Bright, Collegeville, PA; 11. #24E Rick Eckert, York, PA; 12. #37X Cameron Hagin, Broken Arrow, OK; 13. #9U Doug McCune, Colleyville, TX; 14. #21M Billy Lawhead, El Reno, OK; 15. #91X Kyle Steffens, St. Charles, MO; 16. #28 Alex Schutte, Rohnert Park, CA
Qualifying Night Wednesday Jan 11th.
Heat 4: 1. #82W Robbie Whitchurch, Chico, CA; 2. #91K Dereck King, Goreville, IL; 3. #7JR J.D. Black, Grain Valley, MO; 4. #75 Wes McIntyre, McCordsville, IN; 5. #7CA Caleb Armstrong, New Castle, IN; 6. #15D Andrew Deal, Caney, KS; 7. #17B Brad Kuhn, Avon, IN; 8. #8K Donnie Ray Crawford, Broken Arrow, OK
C Main 1: 1. #7A Austin Brown, Millstadt, IL; 2. #15D Andrew Deal, Caney, KS; 3. #2X Tyler Millwood, Kingston, GA; 4. #71KT Kevin Thomas Jr., Cullman, AL; 5. #83 Kurt Blackaby, Bentonville, AR; 6. #9H Matt Hummel, San Jose, CA; 7. #59 Dex Eaton, Owasso, OK; 8. #4X Shawn Petersen, Irving, TX; 9. #51S Mike Spencer, Temecula, CA; 10. #88W Dusty Weland, Parker, CO; 11. #21JR Kevin Michnowicz, Lomita, CA; 12. #7RS Clint Boyles, Greenwood, MO; 13. #91 Jeff Stasa, Kingman, KS; DNS - #83X Bob Lawlor, San Carlos, CA
B Main 1: 1. #05S Jon Stanbrough, Avon, IN; 2. #11BX Brett Anderson, Belleville, IL; 3. #8V Jace VanderWeerd, Visalia, CA; 4. #1W Paul White, Waco, TX; 5. #89 Cody Darrah, Red Lion, PA; 6. #94X Kevin Olson, Machesney Park, IL; 7. #7A Austin Brown, Millstadt, IL; 8. #71KT Kevin Thomas Jr., Cullman, AL; 9. #15D Andrew Deal, Caney, KS; 10. #35T Tyler Robbins, Collinsville, IL; 11. #86C David Camfield Jr., Decatur, IL; 12. #37T Chris Urish, Elkhart, IL; 13. #7W Harli White, Lindsay, OK; 14. #82W Robbie Whitchurch, Chico, CA; 15. #19N Nick O'Neal, Wagoner, OK; 16. #2X Tyler Millwood, Kingston, GA

2011ART0429guys.jpg (97026 bytes)

Sprint Car "2011 ART Chassis", "Dyno Services of Oklahoma BMS Powered"

Finshed 6th in Oil Capital Racing Series Points 

Most Improved Driver Award

3 Heat Race Wins, 5 Top 5 A Feature Finishes.

Thanks Stephenson's and Crew for an awesome season!


 Tulsa Shootout December 28th-31st. 

Deal Finishes 7th in Now Wing Outlaw A Feature

Thanks Lucky 7 Chassis !!

Falcon Racing Wings Sponsors Deal for Shootout and 2012 Season!

falcon.jpg (191600 bytes)                        Falconwings1.jpg (79484 bytes)


2011 OCRS Schedule and Results and

6-3-11 Muskogee Outlaw Results: Came from 8th to 2nd  in Heat, 3rd in Dash, Was leading A Feature and had mechanical problem a victory is coming soon!!!!!

5-28 and 5-29-11 "The Race 4 Life" Sweet Springs Mo: Swept Wing Class won A Feature both nights, Non Wing finished 2nd and 3rd. Deal and Lucky7 Chassis Winning Combo at Race for Life !!! 

5-21-11 SOWS Midgets: 1st  in Heat Race, 9th A Feature.

5-27-11 Muskogee Thunderbird Park Results:Came from 8th to 3nd  in Heat, 2nd in Dash, 2nd in A Feature Awesome Night!!!!!

5-14-11 Ada OK Sports Park Results:  4th in Heat Race 2nd in B, 18th in A DNF.. 

5-6-11 Muskogee Outlaw Results:  Another good night for the team, Draw wasn't so good again Heat Race 4th place and  a  top 10 Finish in the A Feature. 

4-29-11 Muskogee Thunderbird OCRS Results: 4-29-11 Deal takes 3rd at Muskogee Thunderbird:  The Dave Stephenson Dyno Services of Oklahoma power plant, ART Chassis and  Andrew Deal had a successful night at the big 1/2 mile track at Muskogee Ok. Deal finished 2nd in a stacked heat and 3rd in the A Feature.

4-16-11 Lawton OCRS Results:4-16-11 Lawton OCRS Recap: Well the S&D Team tried there best at the opening OCRS race in Lawton Ok. With a bad draw and a dry, dust bowl track the odds where already against the team. 39 Cars showed up for this event. Andrew was able to come from 8th to 6th in the last heat race of the night. Started 8th in the 2nd B feature and made it up to 3rd with a last lap attempt to pass Sean M. for second. We missed it by one car. Stephenson and Deal both agreed it was a good test for them tonight and good things are to come for the ART Chassis, BMS Oklahoma Dyno Services, Burl Oil Co backed team.

May Schedule:

May 6th OCRS Muskogee OK Outlaw

May 7th Magic Lube Cushing OK 11am to 1pm Display Cars (rescheduled for later date)

May 14th OCRS Ada OK

May 20th OCRS Caney KS

May 21 ASCS Sooner Mid-America Speedway 


May 21st Creek County Midget 

May 27th OCRS Muskogee OK Thunderbird

May 29th OCRS Enid OK

Dave Stephenson Forms Sprint Car Team

031211sprintcarARTe.jpg (80253 bytes)  031211sprintcarARTb.jpg (78353 bytes)  031211sprintcarARTc.jpg (82500 bytes)  031211sprintcarARTd.jpg (93632 bytes)  031211sprintcarARTf.jpg (111976 bytes)  031211sprintcarARTg.jpg (95719 bytes)

click on photos to enlarge

Dave Stephenson has put together a sprint car team for the 2011 season! Andrew Deal will be driving an  ART Sprint Car Chassis,  powered by a  Dyno Services of Oklahoma Engine. Stephenson wants to run the complete Oil Capitol Racing Series Schedule, a few local weekly's and a few ASCS Sooner Series Races. Burk Oil Co of Stillwater Oklahoma has also agreed to be part of the team. 


Deal Has Successful Chili Bowl ! 

Saturday Finals raced in the B Feature with a 10th place finish. Top 6 went to the A. Only missed the big show by 4 spots.

Thursday Night Qualifying: 1st Place Heat, 2nd Place Qualifier, 9 Place A Feature 

Deal Wins Golden Driller at 2011 Tulsa Shootout !!

Thanks Lucky 7 Chassis !!

Deal Wins 2010 Missouri's Show-Me Showdown Sweet Springs Mo.

July 4th: Winner A Class A Feature    July 4th: Winner Non Wing B Feature

July 3rd: Winner NW Qualifier winning      Non Wing A feature until fuel pump failure.

July 3rd A Class: 3rd Qualifier 4th in A feature.


Cowtown Speedway  March 5th &6th :

Well I guess if you could sum it up in a sentence for the Cowtown race we were one of the fastest cars in the midget and non wing micro classes but we just didn't get any breaks.


Midget 2nd Heat, 3 Dash, A Feature DNF (Good ole Zach Drum decided to give us the slide and punt going through turn 1 & 2.

Micro: 2nd in the Heat, 2nd in Quialifier


Midget 7th Heat, B Feature Winner, A Feature DNF jacobs ladder broke.

Micro 11th in A Feature, This was really an exciting race for the luck7 house car. Was supposed to start 5th row outside for some reason the ASCS II people told him to start 7th row outside, a couple laps into the feature the carbs stuck wide open, he pulled in on a yellow got the throttle to unstick a little pulled back out in 24th place and worked his way back up to 11th working to pass Christopher Bell.

Saturday Results: Cowtown Midget Championships presented by National Health Care Advisors & City Vending,
sanctioned by USAC/SMRS
Heat #1
(91k) Kevin Bayer, (27) Andy Shouse, (35) Matt Sherrell, (7m) Kevin Ramey, (11a) Andrew Felker, (11r)
Ryan Cole, (15d) Andrew Deal, (60) Eric Sandage, (85) Matt Johnson,
Heat #2
(11c) Chet Gherke, (5d) Zach Drum, (39) Brandon Moeller, (88d) Rusty Dukes, (18) Blake Moeller, (93x)
Ryan Harvey, (9) Doug McCune, (11x) Steve Newmark B (24L) Roy Larkin
Heat #3
(05) Brad Loyet, (1 Tx) Paul White, (44) Don Droud Jr, (11) Justin Melton. (4b) Ronny Burke Jr, (10w)
George White, (91t) Tyler Thompson, (8) Murray Erickson, (10) Will Pierce,
A-Main Dash
(11c) Chet Gherke, (05) Brad Loyet, (91k) Keven Bayer, (27) Andy Shouse, (1 Tx) Paul White, (f5) Danny
Stratton-DQ Tech,
B-Main #1
(15d) Andrew Deal, (60) Eric Sandage, (91t) Tyler Thompson, (10) Will Pierce, (85) Matt Johnson, (9)
Doug McCone, (24L) Roy Larkin, (93x) Ryan Harvey, (11x) Steve Newmark B (8) Murray Erickson,
(05) Brad Loyet, (11c) Chet Gherke, (5d) Zach Drum, (35) Matt Sherrell, (44) Don Droud Jr, (4b) Ronny
Burke Jr, (88d) Rusty Dukes, (1 Tx) Paul White, (91t) Tyler Thompson, (11) Justin Melton. (85) Matt
Johnson, (9) Doug McCune, (11a) Andrew Felker, (91k) Kevin Bayer, (7m) Kevin Ramey, (15d) Andrew
Deal, (27) Andy Shouse, (60) Eric Sandage, (18) Blake Moeller, (39) Brandon Moeller, (10w) George
White, (10) Will Pierce, (11r) Ryan Cole, (f5) Danny Stratton-DQ Tech,

Saturday Results:  ASCS-II 600 Non-Wing
(007) Cody Carter, (13m) Ken Pearson, (11a) Andrew Felker, (51) Matt Ward, (89) Jarrett Crouch, (3d)
Andy Hogan, (5x) Tyson Hall, (40) Ronnie Bass, (69) Jeremy Hefler, (7j) Justin Zimmerman, (37) Austin
Smith, (83) C.J. Duarte-NS, (78) Kevin Bayer-NS,
(91) Tyler Thomas, (73) Alex Sewell, (4u) Devon Huff, (15) Coy Jordon, (02) Sasha Sessums, (28) Trevor
Reed, (13) Josh McGinnis, (65) Robby Fox, (0) Karley Kay Dobson, (97) Ryan Jaisle, (87) Drew
Salisbury, (22c) Chad Koch-NS, (7x) Shane Simmons-NS,
B-Main #3
(77) Jonathan Beason, (21t) Taylor Smitherman, (22) Michael Hernandez, (10x) Dalton Terrel, (12) Jason
Tyler, (20) William Bass, (21) Michele Melton, (9) Ron Peterson, (72k) Rick Kirkes, (10) Bryan Debrick,
(71) Colby Estes,

(198) Hunter Jones, (91) Tyler Thomas, (04) Kyle Jones, (82) Steven Shebester, (321) Trey Marcham, (3)
Jerry McGinnis, (73) Alex Sewell, (77) Jonathan Beason, (32) Nick Ivy, (21b) Christopher Bell, (15d)
Andrew Deal, (5) Shelby Byrd, (4u) Devon Huff, (21t) Taylor Smitherman, (007) Cody Carter, (51) Matt
Ward, (13m) Ken Pearson, (6) Morgan Dowdy (74) D.J. Estes, (55) Donnie Ray Crawford, (10x) Dalton
Terrel, (11a) Andrew Felker, (22) Michael Hernandez, (11) Justin Melton, (15) Coy Jordon,,


Chili Bowl: First we would like to thank everyone for all the help during the Chili Bowl week. Blake, Kyle, Doug, Travis, Aki and Matt Sherrell for towing our trailer inside our stupid diesel pickup wouldn't start in below 0 temps.

Special thanks to: Burk Oil Co., Heymann Iron and Metal, Misch 4x4 products and Jim Hanna racing rummage!!!

Andrew qualified on Tuesday night. He finished 4th in his heat which put him in the top 40 for points. That put him in a qualifier race for the A feature, he did really well started towards the back and worked his way up to 3rd and had a left rear bleeder stick open and got black flagged with 2 laps to go. This put him in the back of the B feature he ended up 10th in the B. That was after making his way from 16th to 6th and a car spun out in front of him so he had to stop to keep from hitting the spun car. Restarted from the back and made it up to 8th but was penalized 2 positions for hitting the cone.

Saturday was quite a challenge. Went out to run hot laps and the motor wouldn't run right. Cleaned injectors and restarted it and it sounded great. Dan and Mike from Esslinger helped us check and set all the components to the fuel system. Went to run the 2nd F main and the motor did the same thing again. After we got back to the trailer, we had 2 cool and 2 hot header pipes. This means ts probably one of the crank sensor's went bad.

Thanks Lord for giving us the opportunity to race at the Chili Bowl!



1-12-2010 thru 1-16-2010 Tulsa Chili Bowl Nationals.

With a fresh rebuild from wesmar racing engines, new shock package form supershox, The Bullet chassis, Esslinger power midget is ready for the 2010 Chili Bowl Nationals

12-31-09 thru 1-2-2010 Tulsa Shootout.

Thanks to all the Lucky 7 Chassis Folks.

Andrew Finished 2nd in Heat, 2nd in the Qualifier and 2nd in the Final A Main. 159 Non Wing Cars Entered the Shootout.

Top Points in NW started pole of the A feature and Finished

2nd place. They prep'd the track on the top side and not the bottom so he did all he could do without crashing!!! 


Andrew will be driving a lucky 7 micro chassis in the A and nonwing classes


10-7,8,9-09 Bullet/Esslinger Midget, Gold Crown Midget Nationals, Pontoon Beach ILL. SMRS/USAC Midget Series.

10-2&3-09 Lucky 7 Micro, Port City Raceway, Pete Frazier Memorial.

9-26-09 J&J / OK Dyno Services Sprint Car, MidAmerica

9-19-09 Lucky 7 Micro, Port City Raceway, 


9-12-09 Bullet/Esslinger Midget, Canton Ill. Power i Midget Series,  DNS Engine Problems.

9-11-09 Bullet/Esslinger Midget, Jacksonville Ill. Power i Midget Series,  DNS Heat, 10 B Feature.

8-29-09 J&J / OK Dyno Services Sprint Car, MidAmerica Speedway South Coffeyville OK, OCRS Sprints 2nd Heat, 7th A Feature.

Click on this link for results from Mid America Speedway:


8-22-09 Bullet/Esslinger Midget, Fortworth Tx. Cowtown Speedway SMRS/USAC  1st Heat, 3rd A Feature.

Click on this link for results from Cowtown: 


8-21-09 Bullet/Esslinger Midget, Dallas Tx. RPM Speedway SMRS/USAC  1st Heat, 3rd A Feature.

Click on this link for results from RPM:

8-21-09 Bullet Midget !!! Thanks to Burk Oil Co, WESMAR Racing Engines, Caney Valley Speedway, G&G Dozer , Truitt's Brake and Alignment, DFR Autoworks, Heymann Iron and Metal, FII Railroad Division, D&L Automotive and FMD Race Graphics the new midget is together and race ready. 

8-8-09 Lucky 7 Micro Will Rogers Raceway 2nd in Heat, DNF in A Feature thanks to HH.

8-7-09 Lucky 7 Micro ASCS II 3rd in Heat, 6th in A Feature.

7-25-09 Lucky 7 Micro Port City Raceway 3rd in Heat, 6th in A Feature.

7-24-09 Lucky 7 Micro  Will Rogers Raceway  2nd Heat,  4th in A Feature.

Thanks to the Truitt's we have a new 2009 Lucky 7 Chassis to start running non wing micro races with. Check it out on the photos page.

7-18-09 Port City Raceway 2nd in Heat 2nd in A Feature.

7-3-09 Port City Raceway, 1st in Heat was running 2nd in the A Feature and had chain problems.

June 10, 2009 Muskogee Oklahoma USAC/SMRS Midget: 

With a fresh motor from a WESMAR total rebuild the car and driver were really fast. 

Finish 3rd in the heat race was up to 4th in the A Feature and had a terrible battle with the wall and speed. Totally wasted the frame, thank the Lord the driver was ok.


June 20th Caney Valley Speedway OCRS Sprint Car Series:

Track was really slick finished 9th in heat race, 5th in B Feature started 21st in A Feature was up to 11th and decided to pull in the motor was acting weird.


June 10 - 12th USAC Midget Speed Week.

June 13th Power i Speed Week 

This was an experience of a lifetime. Andrew, Mike and Jim Hanna took the trip to Indiana.  

We have returned from Indiana Speedweek. Man, it was an awesome event to go and participate in.
June 10th Wednesday we raced at Gas City Indiana. Basically 90% of the drivers are doing it for a living. We were the smallest rig there but very noticed because we timed in 22nd out of 36 the first night. Ran 6th in our qualifier with basically all professional drivers in it. We were up to 6th in a 20 car B-feature and our steering broke, thankfully the track had lots of space around it so we didn't hit the wall.
June 11th rained out.
June 12th we went to Bloomington Indiana. Had to change the whole rearend out just before the time trials and we didn't do to well. Timed in 35th. But guess what from 1st to 35th the times ranged from 11.565 to 11.996. Crazy isn't it how close that many cars are in laps times.
We ran the qualifier and flipped, this tore up quit a few parts so Andrew and I decided to fix the car and head towards home the next day and run the power i series race in St Louis area.
Out of 32 midgets Andrew won his qualifier by 1/4 of a lap. The motor started acting wierd on the last lap of the qualifier. We changed plugs, cleaned the injectors and various other things we could do in the time we had before the A feature race would start. He started 3 row in the A feature and the motor still didn't sound right so he pulled in. We returned home Sunday. After checking the engine over we found a roller rocker arm had broke. The motor has been pulled and delivered to WESMAR motor builders in Bixby for repair and rebuild.
We will be racing the sprint car this weekend in Caney Ks, June 20th.

O’Reilly POWRi
> National Midget Series WHEN: Saturday, June 13, 2009 WHERE: Belle-Clair
> Speedway WHAT: Illinois SPEED Week     

Heat 1  Daniel Adler, Thomas Meseraull, Nick Knepper, Tyler
Robbins, Travis Berryhill, Andrew Felker, Jacob Patton, Brett Anderson

Heat 2   Dereck King, Coleman Gulick, Kellen Conover, Rich Camfield,> Donnie Lehmann, Mike Riley, Steven Weber, Kara King

 Heat 3   Andrew Deal, Tony Roney, Austin Brown, Shane Cockrum,
> Derrick Myers, Kent Schmidt, Kenny Brown
Heat 4    Joey Moughan, Daniel Robinson, Tim Siner, Kyle Neal, Derek Rossio, Buddy Lowther, Dave Camfield Jr
Semi 1   Derek Myers, Donnie Lehmann, Derek Rossio, Andrew Felker, Mike Riley, Travis Berryhill, Kenny Brown, Jacob Patton, Kent Schmidt, Steven Weber, Buddy Lowther, Dave Camfield Jr

 Feature: Thomas Meseraull, Tim Siner, Derek Myers, Donnie Lehmann, Kellen Conover, Andrew Felker, Rich Camfield, Daniel Adler, Shane Cockrum, Mike Riley, Daniel Robinson, Austin Brown, Joey Moughan, Travis Berryhill, Dereck King, Kyle Neal, Derek Rossio, Coleman Gulick, Tyler Robbins, Tony Roney, Nick Knepper, Andrew Deal
WINNER: Thomas Meseraull

June 10, 2009 – Gas City, Indiana – Gas City I-69 Speedway – “Indiana Midget Week”
> Buckwalter, 25, Buckwalter-12.975; 2. Brad Sweet, 49,
> Kahne/Curb-12.990; 3. Chad Boat, 30, Boat-13.026; 4. Chase
> Barber, 90, Barber-13.037; 5. Josh Wise, 75,
> Pedregon-13.060; 6. Jerry Coons Jr., 11, Wilke-Pak-13.139;
> 7. Darren Hagen, 3, RFMS-13.168; 8. Kevin Swindell, 67,
> Kunz-13.189; 9. Thomas Meseraull, 2, Bush-13.207; 10. Brad
> Kuhn, 17B, RW-13.220; 11. Bryan Clauson, 39, Tucker-13.221;
> 12. Dene McAllan, 29, Berry-13.252; 13. Zach Daum, 5D,
> Daum-13.261; 14. Levi Jones, 20, Stewart-13.285; 15. Ryan
> Kaplan, 27, Kaplan-13.289; 16. Ricky Ehrgott, 8, Rev
> 1-13.312; 17. Brad Loyet, 05, Loyet-13.331; 18. Nathan High,
> 12J, Allen-13.337; 19. Cole Whitt, 1, Kunz-13.348; 20. Shane
> Hmiel, 56, Hmiel-13.364; 21. Tracy Hines, 21,
> Stewart-13.394; 22. Andrew Deal, 15D, Deal-13.403; 23. A.J.
> Fike, 69, RFMS-13.426; 24. Dakoda Armstrong, 7A, C &
> A-13.438; 25. Mark Brown, 1x, Rinkin-13.448; 26. Henry
> Clarke, 97, Kunz-13.453; 27. Caleb Armstrong, 7C, C &
> A-13.478; 28. Ma tt Sherrell, 35, Sherrell-13.520; 29.
> Jonathan Hendrick, 68, Hendrick-13.553; 30. Kody Swanson,
> 19k, Team 6R/TK-13.583; 31. Matt Westfall, 14,
> Bordner-13.597; 32. Bobby East, 4, Klatt-13.660; 33. Wes
> Gutierrez, 07, Walker-13.665; 34. Miranda Throckmorton, 54,
> Burke-14.042; 35. Billy Wease, 92, Burrow-NT; 36. Buddy
> Lowther, 31, Lowther-NT.
> FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1.
> Loyet, 2. Hines, 3. Buckwalter, 4. Wise, 5. Meseraull, 6.
> Daum, 7. Brown, 8. Gutierrez, 9. Hendrick. 1:46.93
> SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1.
> High, 2. Coons, 3. Kuhn, 4. Sweet, 5. Jones, 6. Deal, 7.
> Clarke, 8. Swanson, 9. Throckmorton. 1:45.13

> THIRD HEAT: (8 laps) 1.
> Whitt, 2. Kaplan, 3. Clauson, 4. Hagen, 5. Boat, 6.
> C.Armstrong, 7. Fike, 8. Westfall, 9. Wease. NT
> FOURTH HEAT: (8 laps) 1.
> Hmiel, 2. Swindell, 3. McAllan, 4. Sherrell, 5. D.Armstrong,
> 6. Ehrgott, 7. East, 8. Barber, 9. Lowther. 1:43.93
> SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Boat, 2.
> Ehrgott, 3. Daum, 4. East, 5. Jones, 6. Swanson, 7.
> Hendrick, 8. C.Armstrong, 9. Meseraull, 10. Fike, 11.
> Throckmorton, 12. Brown, 13. Clarke, 14. Lowther, 15.
> Barber, 16. D.Armstrong, 17. Westfall, 18. Deal, 19.
> Gutierrez. NT
> FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Jerry
> Coons Jr., 2. Brad Kuhn, 3. Darren Hagen, 4. Bryan Clauson,
> 5. Ryan Kaplan, 6. Brad Loyet, 7. Tracy Hines, 8. Josh Wise,
> 9. Matt Sherrell, 10. Bobby East, 11. Shane Hmiel, 12. Chad
> Boat, 13. Nathan High, 14. Kevin Swindell, 15. Cole Whitt,
> 16. Zach Daum, 17. Ricky Ehrgott, 18. Dene McAllan, 19. Kody
> Swanson, 20. Caleb Armstrong, 21. Levi Jones, 22. Dakoda
> Armstrong, 23. Steve Buckwalter, 24. Brad Sweet. NT
> ------------------------------------ **Boat flipped on lap
> 28 of the feature.
June 12, 2009 – Bloomington, Indiana – Bloomington Speedway – “Indiana Midget Week”
> Buckwalter, 25, Buckwalter-11.565; 2. Darren Hagen, 3,
> RFMS-11.575; 3. Chad Boat, 30, Boat-11.607; 4. Jerry Coons
> Jr., 11, Wilke-Pak-11.628; 5. Brad Sweet, 49,
> Kahne/Curb-11.660; 6. Josh Wise, 75, Pedregon-11/697; 7.
> Shane Hmiel, 56, Hmiel-11.699; 8. Tracy Hines, 21,
> Stewart-11.721; 9. Bryan Clauson, 39, Tucker-11.728; 10.
> Chase Barber, 90, Barber-11.728; 11. Kevin Swindell, 67,
> Kunz-11.731; 12. Dene McAllan, 29, Berry-11.735; 13. Cole
> Whitt, 1, Kunz-11.757; 14. Brad Loyet, 05, Loyet-11.762; 15.
> Ryan Kaplan, 27, Kaplan-11.765; 16. Brad Kuhn, 17B,
> RW-11.775; 17. Kody Swanson, 19k, Team 6R/TK-11.779; 18.
> Nathan High, 12J, Allen-11.789; 19. Dave Darland, 69,
> RFMS-11.809; 20. Mark Brown, 1x, Rinkin-11.813; 21. Bobby
> East, 4, Klatt-11.816; 22. Thomas Meseraull, 2, Bush-11.825;
> 23. Cole Carter, 7, Carter-11.8292; 24. Matt Sherrell, 35,
> Sherrell-11.857; 25. Ricky Ehrgott, 8, Rev 1-11.868; 26.
> Caleb Armstrong, 7C, C & A-11.872; 27. Zach Daum, 5D,
> Daum-11.895 ; 28. Dakoda Armstrong, 7A, C & A-11.929;
> 29. Levi Jones, 20, Stewart-11.936; 30. Henry Clarke, 97,
> Kunz-11.937; 31. Miranda Throckmorton, 54, Burke-11.952; 32.
> Brent Beauchamp, 112, Beauchamp-11.985; 33. Billy Wease, 92,
> Burrow-11.991; 34. Jonathan Hendrick, 68, Hendrick-11.994;
> 35. Andrew Deal, 15D, Deal-11.996; 36. Wes Gutierrez, 07,
> Walker-12.042; 37. Matt Westfall, 14, Bordner-12.363; 38.
> Buddy Lowther, 31, Lowther-13.093.
> FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1.
> Whitt, 2. Clauson, 3. Buckwalter, 4. Sweet, 5. Swanson, 6.
> Ehrgott, 7. Jones, 8. Westfall, 9. Wease, 10. East. NT
> SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1.
> Meseraull, 2. Hagen, 3. Loyet, 4. High, 5. Hendrick, 6.
> Wise, 7. Lowther, 8. Barber, 9. Clarke, 10. C.Armstrong. NT
> THIRD HEAT: (8 laps) 1.
> Boat, 2. Carter, 3. Swindell, 4. Daum, 5. Hmiel, 6. Darland,
> 7. Throckmorton, 8. Deal, 9. Kaplan. NT
> FOURTH HEAT: (8 laps) 1.
> Kuhn, 2. Sherrell, 3. Coons, 4. Beauchamp, 5. McAllan, 6.
> D.Armstrong, 7. Hines, 8. Brown, 9. Gutierrez. NT
> SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Wise, 2.
> Hines, 3. Swanson, 4. Hmiel, 5. Kaplan, 6. Jones, 7.
> McAllan, 8. D.Armstrong, 9. Clarke, 10. Hendrick, 11.
> Barber, 12. Throckmorton, 13. Lowther, 14. Ehrgott, 15.
> Darland, 16. Westfall, 17. Wease, 18. East, 19. C.Armstrong.
> FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Brad
> Kuhn, 2. Brad Sweet, 3. Josh Wise, 4. Tracy Hines, 5. Bryan
> Clauson, 6. Steve Buckwalter, 7. Chad Boat, 8. Jerry Coons
> Jr., 9. Brent Beauchamp, 10. Shane Hmiel, 11. Thomas
> Meseraull, 12. Darren Hagen, 13. Cole Whitt, 14. Kevin
> Swindell, 15. Nathan High, 16. Kody Swanson, 17. Ryan
> Kaplan, 18. Levi Jones, 19. Cole Carter, 20. Dakoda
> Armstrong, 21. Zach Daum, 22. Matt Sherrell, 23. Brad Loyet,
> 24. Bobby East. NT ------------------------------------
> **Clarke & Wise flipped during the second heat. Deal
> flipped during the third heat. Gutierrez flipped during the
> fourth heat and was transported to Bloomington Hospital.
> 1-20 Sweet, Laps 21-22 Wise, Laps 23-29 Sweet, Lap 30 Kuhn.
> CAR POINTS: 1-Kuhn-527; 2-Coons-526; 3-Hagen-517;
> 4-Sweet-474; 5-Hines-467; 6-East-448; 7-Boat-409;
> 8-Swindell-409; 9-Whitt-408; 10-Jones-335. NEW USAC
> 2-Clauson-112; 3-Coons-109; 4-Wise-105; 5-Hines-103.

June 6th 2009

Texas Midget Association, Bells Texas

This track was a fun place to go, very very slick in the heat race we draw bad and it was impossible to pass in the heat race, Started 17th in the A feature and made it all the up to finish 5th.

Link to article:

Sherrell Snags the Spring Midget Classic
     Owasso, Ok. hot shoe Matt Sherrell started on the pole and led 16 of the20 laps of the 1st Annual Spring Midget Classic at Grayson County Speedway Saturday night. Sherrell and SSMA point leader Danny Burke battled wheel to wheel for most of the race but Sherrell was not going to give up the spot he earned by winning the dash for cash. Matt took it home with his smooth and mistake free driving. Danny Burke settled for second followed by Jerry Hammock, Doug McCune and Andrew Deal
   At intermission all the drivers in attendance went up and passed the helmet to raise money for the family of Chad McDaniels. Thanks to the great fans of Grayson County Speedway, the crews and families, and Matt Sherrell who donated his dash for cash win money, we were able to raise $527. Thanks you to all that supported.
 1) Matt Sherrell-35 2) Danny Burke-15 3) Jerry Hammock-81 4) Doug McCune-9 5) Andrew Deal-15d 6) Cody Brewer-96 7) Harris Brooks-67 8) Evan Pardo-54 9) Kurt Blackaby-83 10) Brian Harvey 11) Blake Moeller-18 12) Jerrod Ponder-8 13) Marshall Pina-73 14)Jackie Burke-45 15) Manuel Pina-74 16) Brandon Moeller-39


May 23rd 2009

The last two weeks have been awesome for Deals on Wheels Motor Sports.
Andrew almost got his first A Feature USAC/SMRS Midget Win !
Friday night May 22nd we raced at Grain Valley Mo. High banked fast 1/4 mile track.
He won his qualifier race, won the dash race beating Brad Loyet the 15th ranked midget driver in the world and almost beat Brad in the A feature race. It was an awesome night, Andrew had the lead serveral times in the race it was crazy how him and Brad Loyet were slicing and dicing back and forth from first and second.
Saturday night went really well also, it was a bigger 3/8 mile track and also very fast. Andrew had to start at the back of his heat race and finished 2nd. Finished 3rd in the dash and 4th in the A feature. In the A feature he was up to 3rd and was trying to find a faster way around the track and almost hit the wall. That dropped him back to around 10th he drove his you know what off and got back up to 4th.
Grain Valley Mo.
May 22nd  Qualifier Race 1st place, Dash 1st place, A Feature 2nd place.
Butler Mo.
May 23rd Qualifier Race 2nd place, Dash 3rd place, A Feature 4th place.
May 15th and 16th we made the trip to Beloit Kansas for the first annual Kansas Shootout USAC/SMRS midget race. Solomon Valley Speedway.  
Friday and Saturday nights Andrew did an awesome job driving! Friday night he finished 1st in the qualifying heat, 2nd in the dash, and 3rd in the 20 lap A Feature.
Saturday night was an awesome night also.
Started last in the qualifying heat and finished 3rd. Started 8th in the 30 lap A main and finished 3rd with a damaged suspension. I really think a victory is just around the corner!
May 15th and 16th Andrew finished 3rd both nights at the “HIGH PLAINS SHOOTOUT” AT BELOIT Ks.
May 15th  Qualifier race 1st, Dash 2nd, A Feature 3rd place.
May 16th  Qualifier race 3rd, A Feature 3rd place.
Here is the link you can find the USAC/SMRS Great Plains Midget Series
Next weekend is Knoxville Iowa and is a big 1/2 mile track. Since we only have one motor we are going to have to pass on the bigger track races.
Andrew has moved into 2nd place in the USAC/SMRS Great Plains Midget Series points !!!
Sherrell-908; 2-Deal-902; 3-England-898; 4-McDaniel-886; 5-Brewer-7886-Pierce-784; 6-Pardo-
780; 8-Brad Loyet-670; 9-Robby Ross-556; 10-Ryan Cole-493. NEXT USAC/SMRS GREAT PLAINS
MIDGET RACE: May 29-30 – Knoxville (Iowa) Raceway
Here are the results from May 22nd and 23rd
May 22, 2009 – Grain Valley, Missouri – Valley Speedway
FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Andrew Deal (#15D Deal), 2. Cody Brewer (#96 Brewer), 3. Chad
McDaniel (#1c McDaniel), 4. Kent Schmidt (#5k Meents), 5. Rick England (#12c Coleman), 6.
Danny Frye III (#5s Frye), 7 Ron Kuhn (#k Kuhn), 8. Cody Baker (#5A Allen). NT
SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Brad Loyet (#05L Loyet), 2. Kellen Conover (#76 K & D), 3. Greg
Lueckert (#01 Lueckert), 4. Evan Pardo (#54 Pardo), 5. Will Pierce (#10p Pierce), 6. Joe
Boyles (#7B Boyles), 7. Chad Frewaldt (#4F Frewaldt), 8. Matt Sherrell (#35 Sherrell). NT
DASH: (4 laps) 1. Deal, 2. Loyet, 3. Brewer, 4. Conover. NT
FEATURE: (20 laps) 1. Brad Loyet, 2. Andrew Deal, 3. Greg Lueckert, 4. Cody Brewer, 5. Rick
England, 6. Kellen Conover, 7. Joe Boyles, 8. Kent Schmidt, 9. Chad Frewaldt, 10. Chad
McDaniel, 11. Will Pierce, 12. Evan Pardo, 13. Danny Frye III, 14. Cody Baker, 15. Ron Kuhn,
16. Matt Sherrell. NT ------------------------------------------------------------
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-3 Deal, Laps 4-7 Loyet, Laps 8-12 Deal, Laps 13-20 Loyet. NEW
USAC/SMRS GREAT PLAINS MIDGET POINTS: 1-Sherrell-786; 2-England-782; 3-Deal-776; 4-McDaniel
-774; 5-Pierce-682; 6-Brewer-674; 7-Loyet-670; 8-Pardo-646; 9-Robby Ross-556; 10-Ryan Cole-
493. NEXT USAC/SMRS GREAT PLAINS MIDGET RACE: May 23 – Butler, MO – Butler Motor Speedway
 May 23, 2009 – Butler, Missouri – Butler Motor Speedway
FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Kellen Conover (#76 K & D), 2. Cody Brewer (#96 Brewer), 3. Matt
Sherrell (#35 Sherrell), 4. Chad McDaniel (#1x McDaniel), 5. Mike Riley (#05R Riley), 6.
Will Pierce (#10p Pierce), 7. Ron Kuhn (#k Kuhn). NT
SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Evan Pardo (#54 Pardo), 2. Andrew Deal (#15D Deal), 3. Rick England
(#12c Coleman), 4. Joe Boyles (#7B Boyles), 5. Greg Lueckert (#01 Lueckert), 6. Chad
Frewaldt (#4F Frewaldt). NT
DASH: (4 laps) 1. Conover, 2. Pardo, 3. Brewer, 4. Deal. NT
ALSO AT THE TRACK: Kent Schmidt (#5k Meents) and (#1c McDaniel).
FEATURE: (20 laps) 1. Kellen Conover, 2. Matt Sherrell, 3. Evan Pardo, 4. Andrew Deal, 5.
Rick England, 6. Chad McDaniel, 7. Joe Boyles, 8. Greg Lueckert, 9. Will Pierce, 10. Ron
Kuhn, 11. Cody Brewer, 12. Mike Riley, 13. Chad Frewaldt. NT ------------------------------
 May 15, 2009 – Beloit, Kansas – Solomon Valley Raceway
FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Brad Loyet (#05L Loyet), 2. Rick England (#12c Coleman), 3. Chad
McDaniel (#1c McDaniel), 4. Robby Ross (#4 Ross), 5. Steve Newman (#11x Newman), 6. Norris
Anderson (#1x McDaniel). NT
SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Joe Cleveland (#11c Mattison), 2. Garrett Hood (#11H Hood), 3. Cody
Brewer (#96 Brewer), 4. Todd Plemons (#4p Plemons), 5. Ryan Cole (#11R Cole), 6. Will Pierce
(#10p Pierce). NT
THIRD HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Andrew Deal (#15D Deal), 2. Matt Sherrell (#35 Sherrell), 3. Evan
Pardo (#54 Pardo), 4. Jace Penneta (#7J Penneta), 5. Julie Jamison (#3 Jamison). NT
POLE DASH: (4 laps) 1. Loyet, 2. Deal, 3. Sherrell, 4. England, 5. Hood. NT
FEATURE: (20 laps) 1. Brad Loyet, 2. Matt Sherrell, 3. Andrew Deal, 4. Cody Brewer, 5. Joe
Cleveland (#11s Mattison), 6. Rick England, 7. Evan Pardo, 8. Robby Ross, 9. Will Pierce,
10. Jace Penneta, 11. Julie Jamison, 12. Todd Plemons, 13. Norris Anderson, 14. Chad
McDaniel, 15. Garrett Hood, 16. Steve Newman, 17. Ryan Cole. NT ---------------------------
England-544; 3-McDaniel-544; 4-Deal-518; 5-Cole-493; 6-Pierce-476; 7-Ross-468; 8-Brewer-450;
9-Pardo-422; 10-Loyet-388. NEXT USAC/SMRS MIDGET RACE: May 16 – Beloit, KS – Solomon Valley

May 16, 2009 – Beloit, Kansas – Solomon Valley Raceway
FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Brad Loyet (#05L Loyet), 2. Evan Pardo (#54 Pardo), 3. Andrew Deal
(#15D Deal), 4. Chris Shiel (#11s Mattison), 5. Will Pierce (#10p Pierce), 6. Robby Ross (#4
Ross). NT
SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Chad McDaniel (#1c McDaniel), 2. Matt Johnson (#85 Johnson), 3.
Julie Jamison (#3 Jamison), 4. Jace Penneta (#7J Penneta), 5. Norris Anderson (#1x
McDaniel). NT
THIRD HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Matt Sherrell (#35 Sherrell), 2. Rick England (#12c Coleman), 3.
Garrett Hood (#11H Hood), 4. Cody Brewer (#96 Brewer), 5. Steve Newman (#11x Newman). NT
DASH: (4 laps) 1. Loyet, 2. Sherrell, 3. McDaniel, 4. Johnson, 5. Pardo, 6. England. NT
ALSO AT THE TRACK: #11c Mattison, #11x Mattison and #05x Loyet.
FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Brad Loyet, 2. Rick England, 3. Andrew Deal, 4. Evan Pardo, 5. Chris
Shiel, 6. Garrett Hood, 7. Chad McDaniel, 8. Will Pierce, 9. Julie Jamison, 10. Jace
Penneta, 11. Steve Newman, 12. Norris Anderson, 13. Matt Sherrell, 14. Cody Brewer, 15. Matt
Johnson, 16. Robby Ross, 17. Todd Plemons (#4p Plemons). NT -------------------------------


Sewell Takes OCRS Opener at Mid-America Speedway

By John Lemon

SOUTH COFFEYVILLE, Oklahoma (May 9, 2009) - Evan Sewell captured the 2009 Oil Capitol Racing Series season opener at Mid America Speedway last Saturday night by taking the 25 lap main event leading wire to wire. Sewell earned the right to start on the pole of the evenings featured card in his Action Auto Collision / Sewell Mechanical sponsored #15 car by taking victory in the 5 lap Same Day Auto Repair's "Dash for Cash" race contested earlier in the program.

Sewell took to the point at the drop of the
green flag with outside front row starter Danny Smith, a two time OCRS main event victor in 2008 in hot pursuit, followed by 2008 OCRS champion Jamie Passmore and Rafe Essary (an OCRS main event winner in 2008). Matt Sherrell, who started in the third row in his Sherrell Paint and Body sponsored racing #35 machine was looking for his third OCRS main event in a row as he had captured the last 2 features of 2008. He had quickly began to put pressure on the front runners after a few short laps were in the books and was looking to capture that rare 3 in-a-row feat.

A yellow flag brought the action to a stop when OCRS rookie of the year contender Kyle Clark, in another Same Day Auto Repair mount, stopped between turns 3-4 with front end damage.
Passmore, in his GAP Roofing Special #4j, had eventually worked his way to to second behind Sewell and began to apply pressure for the lead. All the while, Sherrell had worked his way to third while another 2009 OCRS rookie, Jonathan Beason, was moving into the 4th spot from his ninth starting position in his Broken Arrow Lawn and Garden machine. Passmore drew his racer along the side of Sewell with 5 laps remaining but a yellow for a car stalled on the track stopped the attempt for the pass.

On the ensuing restart, Passmore put so much pressure on Sewell that Sewell could feel the Passmore "taps" that were being delivered to the
rear bumper. Sewell held on vigorously for the win followed by Passmore, Sherrell, Beason and Andrew Deal. The balance of the top ten were: Waylon Weaver (a 10th place starter), Smith, Essary, Brett Thompson, and Zach Beeler.

Heat race winners in the 27 car field were: Passmore, Sherrell, Essary and David Stephenson. Nigel Calvert was victorious in the semi main event.

The next stop for the OCRS sprint cars will be at
Oklahoma Sports Park in Ada, Oklahoma on Saturday May 16th. The race will be held in conjunction with the inaugural Harold Leep Jr. Memorial event.

Previous OCRS winners at Oklahoma Sports Park:
2007: Mike Goodman (2) and Chris Burns
2008: Mike Goodman and Danny Smith

2009 Winners:
April 17 - Outlaw Motor Speedway - Rained out.
May 9 - Mid-America Speedway - Evan Sewell

OCRS Sprints

HEAT 1 - 1, Jamie Passmore. 2, Danny Smith. 3, Evan Sewell. 4, Cody Cordell. 5, Phillip Davis. 6, Ron Paris, Jr. 7, Johnny Kent.

HEAT 2 - 1, Matt Sherrell. 2, Waylon Weaver. 3, Jonathan Beason. 4, Jamie McDonald. 5, Joe Duvall. 6, Kyle Clark. 7, Nathan Campbell.

HEAT 3 - 1, Rafe Essary. 2, Brian Roberts. 3, Brett Thompson. 4, Kevin Risley. 5, Matt Caudle. 6, Rob Forehand. 7, Mike Goodman.

HEAT 4 - 1, David Stephenson. 2, Andrew Deal. 3, Zach Beeler. 4, David Dutton. 5, Nigel Calvert. 6, Dean Drake, Jr.

Same Day Auto Repair Dash for Cash - 1, Evan Sewell. 2, Danny Smith. 3, Jamie Passmore. 4, Rafe Essary. 5, Matt Sherrell. 6, Brian Roberts. 7, Andrew Deal. 8, David Stephenson.

B FEATURE - 1, Nigel Calvert. 2, Mike Goodman. 3, Kyle Clark. 4, Phillip Davis. 5, Joe Duvall. 6, Rob Forehand. 7, Matt Caudle. 8, Nathan Campbell. 9, Dean Drake, Jr. 10, Ron Paris, Jr.

A FEATURE - 1, Evan Sewell. 2, Jamie Passmore. 3, Matt Sherrell. 4, Jonathan Beason. 5, Andrew Deal. 6, Waylon Weaver. 7, Danny Smith. 8, Rafe Essary. 9, Brett Thompson. 10, Zach Beeler. 11, Jamie McDonald. 12, Cody Cordell. 13, David Dutton. 14, Phillip Davis. 15, Nigel Calvert. 16, Kevin Risley. 17, Kyle Clark. 18, Mike Goodman. 19, David Stephenson. 20, Brian Roberts.








Cowtown Speedway Feb 13th & 14th 

cowtown crash video


We had a very good  weekend at Cowtown Speedway in Kennedale Tx Feb 13th & 14th.
Around 50 Midgets were there. Many of them were teams with hired drivers.
Andrew done a fantastic job driving. Friday night he finished 6th in the qualifier heat started from the back made it up to 4th and got knocked out and came back to 6th. He won the B Feature which qualified him for the A Feature. 24 cars started the A. Andrew started 20th, within 7 laps he was up to 11th, lap 10 he was passing for 6th and ran up on another cars right rear tire and crashed big time. 6 to 7 flips end over end before coming to a stop. So he didn't finish the A feature but he is fine and the car stayed together, we worked late Friday and all day Saturday on replacing broken parts and was able to run Saturday night.
Saturday night was also good compared to the competition. Finished 6th in the heat, 3rd in the B Feature, Started 22nd in the A was up to 12th on lap 15 and a car wrecked in font of him and he couldn't miss it and bent the front axle so he didn't finish.
All in all we feel like it was a very successful weekend. We found out a lot about the type of car we are running and got some very valuble seat time. It was some of the top midgets in the country and we made the A feature both nights and was very competitive, probably passed the most cars of anyone for the weekend.
Below are the results, you can also find them at
SMRS “City Vending” Midgets
Heat #1
(05) Brad Loyet, (4r)Robby Ross, (4f)Brad Frewalet, (81) Jerry Hammock, (11j) Justin Melton, (8)Murray
Erickson, (10p)Will Pierce, (15) Danny Burk, (9) Doug McCune, (54) Evan Pardo,

Heat #2
(36) Jonathan Beason, (7m) Kevin Ramey, (11s) Chris Shell, (6) Rafe Essary, (10) George White, (96) Cody
Brewer, (11p) Todd Plemons, (93) Bryan Harvey, (55) Donny Crawford, (05x) Channing Zierolf, (1w) Paul White

Heat #3
(39b) Bryan Clauson, (99) Brady Becan, (36f) Frank Flud, (93m) Dustin Morgan, (1) J.J. Yeley, (11a)
Andrew Felkr, (11c) Joe Cleveland, (19n)Nick Oneal, (39) Brandon Mollar,

Heat #4
(91) Kevin Bayer, (1c) Chad McDaniel, (35) Matt Sherrell, (85) Matt Johnson, ((11r) Ryan Cole, (15d)
Andrew Deal, (7) Joe Boyles, (12c) Rick England, (11x) Ricky Williams,

B-Main #1
(11j) Justin Melton, (96) Cody Brewer, (10) George White, (11p) Todd Plemons, (1w) Paul White, (10p)Will
Pierce, (93) Bryan Harvey, (15) Danny Burk, (9) Doug McCune, (54) Evan Pardo, (8)Murray Erickson, (55)
Donny Crawford-NS, (05x) Channing Zierolf-NS,

B-Main #2
(15d) Andrew Deal, (11r) Ryan Cole, (1) J.J. Yeley, (12c) Rick England, (11a) Andrew Felkr, (7) Joe Boyles,
(11x) Ricky Williams, (24e) Bill Eslick, (11c) Joe Cleveland, (19n)Nick Oneal-NS, (39) Brandon Mollar-NS,
(11t) Gary Taylor-NS

(99) Brady Becan, (05) Brad Loyet, (1c) Chad McDaniel, (10) George White, (1) J.J. Yeley, (35) Matt
Sherrell, (11r) Ryan Cole, (6) Rafe Essary, (11s) Chris Shell, (96) Cody Brewer, (4f)Brad Frewalet, (11p)
Todd Plemons, (12c) Rick England, (39b) Bryan Clauson, (93m) Dustin Morgan, (7m) Kevin Ramey, (36)
Jonathan Beason, (91) Kevin Bayer, (81) Jerry Hammock, (11j) Justin Melton, (15d) Andrew Deal, (4r)
Robby Ross, (36f) Frank Flud, (85) Matt Johnson,


SMRS “City Vending” Midgets
Heat #1
(91) Kevin Bayer, (11x) Ricky Williams, (96) Cody Brewer, (8)Murray Erickson, (1w) Paul White, (54) Evan Pardo, (10) George
, (4f)Brad Frewalet, (24e) Bill Eslick,

Heat #2
(39b) Bryan Clauson, (35) Matt Sherrell, (99) Brady Becan, (12c) Rick England, (7) Joe Boyles, (1c) Chad McDaniel, (15d)
Andrew Deal, (11s) Chris Shell, (4r)Robby Ross, (15) Danny Burk

Heat #3
(05) Brad Loyet, (1) J.J. Yeley, (11a) Andrew Felkr, (11p) Todd Plemons, (6) Rafe Essary, (11j) Justin Melton, (11c) Joe
Cleveland, (05x) Channing Zierolf, (39) Brandon Mollar,

Heat #4
(93) Bryan Harvey, (36) Jonathan Beason, (7m) Kevin Ramey, (81) Jerry Hammock, (10p)Will Pierce, (9) Doug McCune, (11r)
Ryan Cole, (93m) Dustin Morgan, (55) Donny Crawford,

B-Main #1
(1w) Paul White, (7) Joe Boyles, (15d) Andrew Deal, (1c) Chad McDaniel, (11s) Chris Shell, (4r)Robby Ross, (54) Evan Pardo-
NS, (10) George White-NS, (4f)Brad Frewalet-NS, (24e) Bill Eslick-NS, (15) Danny Burk-NS,

B-Main #2
(6) Rafe Essary, (11j) Justin Melton, (39) Brandon Mollar, (10p)Will Pierce, (11r) Ryan Cole, (93m) Dustin Morgan, (9) Doug
McCune, (05x) Channing Zierolf, (11c) Joe Cleveland-NS, (55) Donny Crawford-NS,

(39b) Bryan Clauson, (1) J.J. Yeley, (99) Brady Becan, (36) Jonathan Beason, (05) Brad Loyet, (11a) Andrew Felkr, (93) Bryan
Harvey, (12c) Rick England, (7m) Kevin Ramey, (11x) Ricky Williams, (1c) Chad McDaniel, (96) Cody Brewer, (8)Murray
Erickson, (81) Jerry Hammock, (1w) Paul White, (10p)Will Pierce, (91) Kevin Bayer, (7) Joe Boyles, (11p) Todd Plemons, (11j)
Justin Melton, (15d) Andrew Deal, (6) Rafe Essary, (35) Matt Sherrell, (39) Brandon Mollar,


2009 Chili Bowl

Wednesday night out of 70 cars. Finished 6th in the Heat race, 3rd in C Feature, 9th in the B Freature.
Saturday we ran the F main and finished 8th. Needed to finish 6th or better to move up to the E main.
So out of 300 entries we finished in the upper 50%.
We were very pleased with the week and how it went. The driver and crew cheif will get to know the new car in 2009 and become a top performer in the Midgets.
We have a two day midget race coming up in the Dallas Tx area "cowtown speedway" Feb 13 & 14th.
Below are links to the Chili Bowl entry on Wednesday night, Wednesday results and Saturday results.


News from Oklahoma Nationals at I44 Speedway August 1st and 2nd. Andrew drove a new 2008 Lightening Chassis, it was the first time out for the  FTZ powered Multi Micro Sprint. Andrew and Scotty Duggan have teamed up on a non wing car to race together also. On Friday night Andrew finished 4th place in both of the non wing qualifiers, In the Multi he came from the back of the first qualifier and finished 2nd, he finished 3rd in the next qualifier. That locked him into the A feature for Saturday night. Saturday night in non wing he was running 2nd in the B-Feature and the chain came off. In Multi he made it up to 3rd place than started dropping back and pulled in due to steering and brake problems. Over all it was a really fun weekend and we would like to thank everyone that helped us out to get both cars ready and to the race track. Burk Oil Co., Array Products, Roadrunner Racing Products "Lightening Chassis"  & Duggan Motor Sports.

2008 Lightening Chassis Multi Micro Sprint


Sawyer 626 Now Wing Car


Andrew has awesome weekend at Will Rogers Raceway!

Friday Night July 18th Andrew Deal won his first Outlaw Multi A Feature, Driving the Clean Racing 2008 Sawyer 626, Powered by a Gordon Seroes R6 Yamaha Racing engine.

Saturday July 19th Deal ran 4th in the ASCS2 Outlaw Multi  A Feature. 


In the Non Wing Class he  won the A Feature July 18th and Won the Non Wing ASCS2 A Feature July 19th.

Clean Racing competed in the Pennsylvania Micro Sprint speed week.

Out of over 100 cars and six race nights Andrew Deal placed 15th in total points.


Recap of the trip.

Friday June 27th Path Valley Weekly Race, This place was an awesome sight. Picture of it is located below. First time out in the new Gordon Seroes Racing engine, Won the heat race, was running 3rd in A feature and Andrew pulled in the carbs felt really off. Thanks Path Valley people you are some of the most caring and sharing people we've met in 25+ years of racing.

Saturday June 28th Trail-Way Speedway, another site to see this track was top notch even had a white house with large pillars to watch the races from. Pretty big track for running micro's on. 636's had the advantage for sure. Finished 2nd in the heat which qualified us for the A main. All main's rained out so we came back and finished up the night of racing on July 1st. Made a carburetor change and it brought the car to life "Quote from the driver" Started 19th in the A main and finished 12th.

Sunday June 29th, Lincoln Speedway, Asphalt pits this is a class act, but again in my opinion too big for micro's to run on. 636's still had the advantage. Heat race we moved up quickly looked like we were going to be really fast, but you guessed it a pile up in the corner, no way to miss it when you are going almost 100 mph. Totally destroyed the front end so we replaced it and started at the back of the E Feature and finished 4th.

Monday June 30th, Path Valley, Heat race 5th, 3rd in C Feature only top two moved up to B. Andrew still feels like the car just doesn't seem as fast as it should be.

Tuesday July 1st went back to Trail Way and finished rain out.  See Saturday night.

Wednesday  July 2nd Green Wood Valley. This is really out in the farm country. Smaller sandy track. Now this is what we were looking for with the 2008 Sawyer 626 Chassis and Andrew's driving style. Andrew and the whole Clean Racing Crew really had a good feeling about this track. Won our heat race and started front row outside in the A feature. Andrew took the lead around lap 3 or 4 and kept it until around lap 31 of 35. This was a really questionable call, Andrew as lapping some of the field and Mike Dicely was in second with a lap car in between them, Andrew messed up trying to go under a lapped car and Dicely took the lead, with a car stopped in turn 4 and another car spun out in turn 2 the yellow came out, some how they put Dicely in the lead so we ended up taking 2nd. I asked all the people in charge nicely about it and they really didn't have much to say about it. O well it was an awesome race to see and 2nd out of that many cars is a sweet night. I think next year we will sign in as being from Pa, cause I felt like we got it put to us in several restarts during this awesome week of racing.

Thursday July 3rd, Susquehanna, We signed in and didn't race. All of us agreed to not run this night. The track is way to big for Micro Sprints and we still needed the car for two more nights of racing. Got to watch the midgets also fun night. 

Friday July 4th Lindas Speedway, Rained out, We got to see the track and meet Linda and her son. They let us use some water and the parking lot to pull maintenance on the race car.  Andrew ended up helping Robert and Tyson Hall fix their diesel truck on this night off also. Thanks Robert for the awesome meal at the Texas Roadhouse.

Saturday July 5th Lanco Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway. Man this place rocks, high, low, middle race anywhere you want, perfect size for Micros also. Really shouldn't have signed in as being from Kansas though not sure what it was but we raced 3 different features and were put back in the wrong positions after yellows in all 3. Anyway we felt like we had a chance to be one of the fastest car's of the night. Heat race got totally taken out, man all the hype up to all this and get taken out first turn first lap of the heat race, it would take a miracle to make it to the A feature, I do believe in miracles so we tried our best to make it. Well we replaced the whole front axle, all radius rods both front shocks, etc. Ran the last chance race got 3rd, Started at the back of qualifier and finished 7th, D Feature Started at the back and finished 3rd,  C Feature started at the back and finished 3rd, B Feature started at the back and didn't make the A. What a fun week of racing Oklahoma needs to put something like this together.

Awesome job Clean Racing Team!!!

We also got to do some sight seeing: Gettysburg, Hershey Chocolate Company, Amish history and information, stopped by Williams Grove Speedway. 



Here a are a few photos of the trip:

The 2008 Sawyer 626, Gordon Seroes Racing Engine and 

driver Andrew Deal were an awesome combination for the week.


Pennspdwk11.jpg (21131 bytes)         Pennspdwk1.jpg (49999 bytes)        Pennspdwk2.jpg (17564 bytes)    Pennspdwk12.jpg (36758 bytes)

Killer Buzz Trailer on the road to Penn Speed Week.

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Thanks for all the hospitality we rec'd from the tracks during maintenance time.

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Visited Gettysburg, Hershey's Chocolate Factory and Williams Grove.


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Got some good grocery's from the Amish people got a picture of a trucker message I liked.


Special thanks to Randy Hayes "Clean Racing Truck Driver" for getting everything to the track early, Killer Buzz Little Rock Ark,  Burk Oil Co. Stillwater Ok, Gordon Seroes for getting the engine completed in time, and many other people behind the scenes that made it all happen.




Races & Events Schedule 2008:


June 26th Thru July 5th Pennsylvania Speed Week !!!!

7 nights of racing at 7 different track


 April 5th & 19 Creek County Speedway OCRS Sprint Car, Sapulpa Ok.

April 5th 9am to Noon Car Display at Town & Country Fastlube in Sand Springs Ok.

April 18th Outlaw Motor Speedway OCRS Sprint Car Muskogee Ok.

April 19th 11am to 2pm Car Display at Broken Arrow Ok. Fastlube.

April 19th Saturday Night OCRS Sprint Car Creek County Speedway.

April 25th Outlaw Motor Speedway SMRS Midget Series

April 26th West Siloam Raceway SMRS Midget Series.

May 3rd Minneapolis Ks SMRS Midget Series

May 4th Wichita Ks SMRS Midget Series

May 9th Will Rogers Raceway Micro Sprint

May 16th, 17 Non Wing Nationals Port City Raceway Micro Sprint

May 18th Will Rogers Raceway Micro Sprint

June 6th Will Rogers Raceway Micro Sprint

June 7th Mid America Speedway Modified





 April 5th & 19 Creek County Speedway OCRS Sprint Car, Sapulpa Ok.

April 5th 9am to Noon Car Display at Town & Country Fastlube in Sand Springs Ok.

April 18th Outlaw Motor Speedway OCRS Sprint Car Muskogee Ok.

April 19th 11am to 2pm Car Display at Broken Arrow Ok. Fastlube.

April 19th Saturday Night OCRS Sprint Car Creek County Speedway.

April 25th Outlaw Motor Speedway SMRS Midget Series

April 26th West Siloam Raceway SMRS Midget Series.

May 3rd Minneapolis Ks SMRS Midget Series

May 4th Wichita Ks SMRS Midget Series

May 9th Will Rogers Raceway Micro Sprint

May 16th, 17 Non Wing Nationals Port City Raceway Micro Sprint

May 18th Will Rogers Raceway Micro Sprint

May 23 Mid America Speedway, Modified

May 24th Caney Ks Mayfest Display

May 31 Mid America Speedway, Modified

June 6th Will Rogers Raceway Micro Sprint

June 7th Mid America Speedway Modified

June 28th thru July 5th Pa Speedweek

2007 Season Accomplishments:

Will Rogers Raceway Non Wing Points Champ

1K to Win Non Wing Champ

Pete Frazier Memorial Non Wing Champ

Sprint Car Oil Capital Racing Series Rookie of the Year & 4th Place OCRS Points

American Sprint Car Series II Top Ten Points Now Wing

7th Place Race for Life NON Wing Challenge


Date              Location            A Feature Finish

3-23-07          WRR  "NW"      1

3-30-07          WRR  "NW"      6

3-31-07          PCR  "NW"      10

4-6-07            WRR "NW"       3

4-6-07            WRR  "A"         6

4-7-07            PCR  "NW"       3

4-15-07          WRR "A"       DNF 1st in heat race

4-20-07          WRR "NW"       3

4-20-07          WRR "A"          1

4-21-07  West Siloam Springs

              Sprint Car "OCRS" 2nd Heat, 4th A Feature!

4-27-07          WRR "NW"      3

4-27-07          WRR "A"         4

4-28-07          PCR "NW"       6

5-4-07            WRR "NW"      1

5-4-07            WRR "A"         11

5-11-07          WRR "NW"      1

05-12-07        PCR "NW"       2nd B, 10th in A. 32 cars

05-18-07        WRR "NW"  1st in Heat 6th in A. 

05-19-07  Ada Oklahoma "OCRS" Sprint Car.

                4th in Heat & 8th in A Main!

05-26-07 2007 Race for Life Non Wing Challenge.

6th in First night A main to lock in from 92 NW Cars.

7th in the 10K to win A feature awesome weekend.

"Just put some pictures from this race on the website"

06-01-07    WRR        3rd NW A Feature

06-03-07    ASCSII Creek County 5th NW B Feature

06-08-07    WRR        2nd NW A Feature

06-16-07    Port City    2nd NW heat DNF in A Feature

06-17-07    Caney Speedway 2nd in NW A Feature

06-22-07    WRR        5th NW A Feature

06-23-07    Caney Speedway 3rd in NW & Winged A Features

06-29-08    WRR        3rd NW A Feature

06-30-08    Sprint Car West Siloam. 4th Heat 12th A Main. 23 Cars.

 07-8-07    ASCS II   3rd heat  3rd A Feature

07-13-07    WRR      2nd heat  1st A Feature $1000

07-14-07    Sprint Car Ada OK 4th heat 8th A Feature

07-21-07 Sprint Car Caney Ks 4th heat 8th A Feature

07-22-07    ASCSII Caney Ks 2nd Heat 6th A Feature

07-27-07    WRR     2nd Heat  2nd A Feature

08-3&4-07   OK Micro Sprint Nationals 

Wing Class Heat 1 "4th", Heat 2 "4th", 16th A Feature

Non Wing Class Heat 1 "1st", Heat 2 "4th" 4th A Feature

08-05-07 ASCSII Creek County 4th Heat, 5th A Feature

08-10&11-07 Non Wing Nationals 

Stock Class Heat 1 "1st"  Heat 2 "1st" A Feature 8th.

Outlaw Class Heat1 "2nd" Heat 2 "2nd" A Feature 5th.

08-16-07 ASCSII Creek County DNF Heat, 6th A Feature

08-17-07 WRR Heat 1st, A Feature 6th

08-18-07 Port City Raceway, Heat 3rd, A Feature 9th (36 cars)

08-26-07 Will Rogers Raceway, Heat 1st, A Feature 4th

08-31-07 Will Rogers Raceway, Heat 1st, A Feature 2nd

09-01-07 Sprint Car, West Siloam Sprints, 4th Heat, 8th A Feat.

09-09-07 Will Rogers Raceway, NW Heat 1st, A Feat. 4th

09-09-07 Will Rogers Raceway, Multi Heat 4th, A Feat. 8th

09-14 & 15 Little Rock Arkansas, 600 Nationals, Qualifiers 4th, 5th, Concellations DNFs.

09-21-06 Will Rogers Raceway, NW Heat 1st, A Class Heat 1st. A Features NW Crashed, A Class DNS.

09-22-07 Sprint Car Ada 360 Challenge (29) Cars Heat 3rd, A Feature 12th.  Finish 4th in the OCRS Points.

09-29&30-07 Will Rogers Raceway Fall Festival. Leading both prelim races and DNFs. A Features 1st night 4th, 2n Night DNF.

10-4&5-07 Port City Pete Frazier Memorial Non Wing Heats 3rd, 3rd, Features 3rd and 1st.

10-12-07 Port City Raceway. Ran NW and A Class. NW Ht DNF, 3rd B Feature, 7th A Feature. A Class 1st Heat, 1st A feature.

10-27-07 360 Sprint Enid OK Winter Nationals. Crashed out in Heat Race, After replacing front axle started at the back of B Feature and finished 3rd. A Feature started at the back and made it up to 16th in a few laps and the motor quit.



360 Sprint OCRS Schedule  

April 21st West Siloam Springs OK      May 19th Ada Ok

June 23rd Caney Ks   June 30th West Siloam Springs OK      July 14th Ada Ok  

Sept 1st West Siloam Springs OK        Sept 22nd Ada 360 Nationals.

Oct 27 Enid OK


Micro Weekly Schedule Will Rogers Raceway   

March-23 April-6,13,20,27 May-4,11,18

June-1,8,15,22 July-6,13,27 Aug 3,10,17,24

Sept 7,14,21,28


Micro Specials

March-30-31 Port city Raceway

May-25-26 Nebraska 10K to win

August-3-4 OK Nationals

August- 10-11 NW Nationals  

September 14-15 Little Rock 600 Nationals

September-28-29 WRR

October- 5-6 PF Memorial