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Deal 2015 Chili Bow1 WOW !

8th Place in the Main Event.

2nd Place Podium Finish Qualifying Night.

D&E Supply Top Finisher.

Thanks Dylan Duvall Photography 2015 Chili Bowl Midget Photos

Oil Capitol Racing Sprint Car Series 2014 Champion 


Thanks Dylan Duvall Photography 2015 Chili Bowl Midget Photos

Thanks: Burk Oil Co, Wade Cagle Motorsports, Aki Katsura, Heymann Iron and Metal, Fowl Mouth Juveniles, Atkinson Welding, D&E Supply, Misch 4x4,, Jim Hanna Racing Rummage, Supermoon Graphics.

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Thanks Dylan Duvall Photography 2013 Chili Bowl Midget Photos

Thanks, Wade Cagle Motorsports OCRS Sprint Car 

Andrew's Sprint Car

2013 Season  

Thanks: Wade Cagle Motorsports, Burk Oil Co, Aki Katursa AS, Heymann Iron and Metal, Lucky 7 Chassis, Caney Valley Speedway, Fowl Mouth Juveniles, Brake Man, DCP Midstream, D&E Supply, Misch 4x4,, Jim Hanna Racing Rummage, USA Power Coatings, Dyno Services of Oklahoma, FMD Graphics.

Deal Has Successful Chili Bowl ! 

Saturday Finals raced in the B Feature with a 10th place finish. Top 6 went to the A. Only missed the big show by 4 spots.

Thursday Night Qualifying: 1st Place Heat, 2nd Place Qualifier, 9 Place A Feature 

2011 Chili Bowl Midget Nationals

"Race For Life" A Class Champion

raceforlife2011.JPG (284218 bytes)

Deal Wins Golden Driller at Tulsa Shootout !!

SDC10940.JPG (285613 bytes)      SDC10934.JPG (282917 bytes)

Thanks Lucky 7 Chassis !

                      Video after Finish

2010 Tulsa Shootout Micro Sprint Championship Results






Click on Photos to Enlarge Lucky7 Micro Sprint for 2011 Shootout:

2010shootoutL7b.jpg (153040 bytes)       2010shootoutL7a.jpg (126931 bytes)     2010shootoutL7c.jpg (122154 bytes)

Thanks to "FMD" Graphics Bartlesville Oklahoma!!

Thanks to Burk Oil Co, Heymann Iron and Metal, DFR Auto Works and DFR Discount Tire, Truitt's Brake and Alignment, Luck 7 Chassis and Race Cars, Jim the Rummage Sale Hanna, Doug Misch 4x4, Caney Valley Speedway, G&G Dozer ,WESMAR Racing Engines, FII Railroad Division, D&L Automotive and Machine, Dusty's Powder Coating.

2011 Chili Bowl Midget


2010 Chili Bowl Photos are on the Photos Page


"Deal and Lucky7 Chassis Winning Combo"

 At 2010 Show-Me Showdown

Takes 2nd at Race For Life

Check out the helmet wrap for 2010 Chili Bowl

Dealhelment1.jpg (91837 bytes)  Dealhelmentback.jpg (78176 bytes)  Dealhelmentside2.jpg (88804 bytes)

Thanks Joel Smith Fenton Graphics Tulsa Oklahoma for the Helmet wrap!!

Double click on image to make larger.

Thanks Lucky 7 Chassis The 2009 Tulsa shootout was a Blast!!!

TS4allcars.jpg (156064 bytes)  TSDeal1.jpg (164219 bytes)  TS5truittNW.jpg (168637 bytes)  

Click on small photo to enlarge. More Tulsa Shootout Pictures on the Photos Page

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Results have been updated :

8-21-09 Thanks to Burk Oil Co, WESMAR Racing Engines, Caney Valley Speedway, G&G Dozer , Truitt's Brake and Alignment, DFR Autoworks, Heymann Iron and Metal, FII Railroad Division, D&L Automotive and FMD Race Graphics the new midget is together and race ready. 

bullet09b.jpg (138022 bytes)   bullet09a2.jpg (66620 bytes)

Check out the New 2009 Lucky7 Micro Sprint Chassis 

lucky7chassis2009.jpg (56680 bytes)         lucky7chassis2009c.jpg (87504 bytes)


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Check Oil Capital Sprint Car Series for Sprint Car Results:

Cowtown Midget Crash Video

Deals on Wheels Motor Sports Midget Entry for the 2009 Chili Bowl.



Thanks to the following people for helping make it possible for Andrew Deal to enter the 2009 Chili Bowl !!!











2008 Chili Bowl 

Andrew wants to thank everyone who made it possible for him get to participate in the 2008 Chili Bowl.

Photos of the 2008 Chili Bowl experience

A Big Thanks to:

 Red Rock Oil Field Hauling, Midwest Automation and Burk Oil Co.


Also Thanks to: 

Clean Racing LLC, Truitts Brake And Alignment, Kelley Racing, Heymann Iron & Metal, Falcon Industries Inc., DFR Auto Works, G&J Well Services, Phil's Lawn Service, 2-D Ranch, Creative Kitchens Bartlesville Ok, Jim Hanna, Bob & Ginger Young, Sandbagger Golf carts, Blackaby Motorsports, D&L Automotive and Machine Shop, Jesus Christ, "Akster", Bam & Pop Deal, Dewayne & Regina Hedges, Misch 4X4 Products


Oil Capital Sprint Car Racing Series 2007 Rookie of the Year